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Behind SARA ungendered there are a daughter and a mother with a strong passion for fashion.

Sabina worked in the world of sewing laboratories throughout her youth, working as a production manager for many years - a job that she had to leave after the birth of Sara and the imminent transfer to northern Italy.


In 2010, however, she decided to resume this path, attending a fashion school with the aim of updating her knowledge.

In the meantime, Sara was beginning to feel attracted to the world of fashion, so much that they left their studies of cultural heritage to follow the same path as their mother.

During their late teens, Sara began to question their gender identity and the way gender expression is seen as rigidly binary by today's society.

At the same time, they have approached important issues such as feminism, LGBTQI+ rights, eco-sustainability, without ever feeling like they were making a "real" contribution to these causes.

The idea of creating a fashion brand has grown in sara during the first coronavirus lockdown in Italy, shortly after they began to recover from depression. So, they rolled up their sleeves and finally decided to open SARA ungendered with the help of their mother - and the rest is history.

Organic cotton field


from farms to our manufacturing
and packaging.

Nowadays, the fashion industry is still one of the most polluting ones in the world. For this reason, we want to make a difference by using sustainable fabrics. In our shop, you will only find pure cotton, linen, tencel and modal! All the sintethic fybres you will find are always 100% recycled.


we respect people as much as we respect the planet. 

None of our products is created specifically for women or men. Each piece of clothing is designed to be worn by everyone, regardless of their gender identity. In our shop you will not see the traditional "man" and "woman" sections, but only "tops", "skirts", "pants" - all of this without any distinction of gender: you will find clothes in their absolute form!

Image by Cody  Chan
Woman cutting fabric


crafted from recycled and sustainably grown fibers.

We want to make sure our products are more than just pieces in your wardrobe: even the simplest of our items will be finely crafted in detail. Our hand-made process allows us to follow a concept often overlooked in the fashion industries: the one of slow fashion. Thanks to our production methods, our products will meet much higher quality standards and live much longer!